Which Laptop Suppliers Offer The Best Support?

Customer support in the technology industry is notoriously bad. Everyone has heard the horror stories of sitting on hold for hours on end, elevator music playing in the background, waiting for the static-riddled sound of a representative asking barely-relevant questions. Worse still are the stories of pressing buttons on a menu until that dreaded cheery, automated voice fills the complainer’s ears and offers them no way to talk to an actual human being. If you’re not the most tech-savvy person yourself, it’s absolutely vital to know customer support is always there to help in the event of a technology crisis. Picking the right vendor can help.

Number One: Apple
As much as there is to be said about Apple’s exorbitantly priced goods, there’s one area where they unquestionably excel, and that’s support. There’s been a study of the top customer service in companies all across industries, and not only was Apple the only laptop and PC supplier that made the list, it took the number one spot. The next heavily PC-centered company to make the list was Google, weighing in at number four. Apple’s “Genius Bars” offer more than a posh name after all: They lead the tech industry — in fact, industry in general — in customer service satisfaction.

Number Two: Lenovo (IBM)
In PC World’s comprehensive study of customer service and satisfaction, few laptop or computer suppliers won out. In fact, no companies ended up positive reviews for their desktop support. In the laptop category, however, both Apple and Lenovo earned a positive mention. Apple’s mention is unsurprising given that they’ve already proven their place as the king of customer service, but Lenovo deserves its shout-out, too. In a world where few tech companies satisfy customers with their support, customers need a place to turn.

Number Three: Independent Tech Support Providers
So few PC companies provide truly good support that it may be time to look elsewhere. Independent tech support companies like FireDog, Geek Squad and SupportSpace may require a bit of cash, but they can service any kind of computer, even the old or unconventional, and provide service a thousand times better than traditional tech support. If you really need heavy-duty support, independent providers win every time.

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