Best and worst laptop brands

When buying a laptop or desktop. It’s ideal to educate yourself a bit about the brand and how well they are doing with their products and services. Laptop brands fluctuate every year. The leading brand is currently Apple which has been on top for the last six years. The next best brand is Dell who have improved their products over the past two years. Let’s take a look at the following brands in details.



The brand Apple remains as the best brand of all due to staying on top for the last seven years. They continue to improve and upgrade their software system over the years. Not only do they have a reliable product but they also provide an excellent warranty coverage and a face to face services in store and a live chat online. Regarding their product, they have been updating their systems with faster software and longer battery life.



Dell laptops are currently the best brand for Windows. Dell has been blasting out a variety of powerful laptops for the past months. Like Mac, they also provide a superb warranty for customers. In regards to pricing, their products are affordable too which is highly attractive to buyers. Currently, they have been making some major improvement on the release of their new notebook product called XPS 13.



Due to their recent release of powerful and stylish well-built laptops, the Taiwanese manufacturer has managed to climb its way up in the 3rd position. Asus is also well known for their low priced products hence why they also scored the best value for money.



Lenovo laptop is known for their lightweight, sleek and folding laptop designs like their recent model of Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga. However even with great designs, some of its features are relatively weak including a low battery life and uncomfortable keyboards. The drawbacks affected the brand quite immensely as their rank has fallen twice last year and the previous year.


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