Guide to Choosing : Desktop or Laptop ?

Its a plain and simple fact that desktops are faster, more powerful, more easily expandable, and cheaper than laptops. But because laptops are infinitely more portable than desktops people still keep buying them.

If you are in the position of buying your first computer or are replacing your primary computer you should definitely get a desktop PC. Sure you could buy refurbished laptops under $500, or you can buy a brand new giant screened desktop that you can play video games on. The choice really is a simple one, but here are a few more reasons why you should get a desktop over a laptop.


Desktops really are cheaper. It doesn’t matter which laptop you choose, it will cost more than a desktop with the same specs. This is because laptops have to use less power so they don’t run out of battery after only 30 minutes. They also need to be smaller and weigh less. All of these extra requirements drive up the price of development and manufacturing which then gets passed on to us, the consumers.

Laptop PCs have a shorter lifespan than desktops. Its not just that laptops wear out faster than desktops, except for maybe the battery but then again desktops don’t have a battery like laptops, its that they aren’t as future proof. Laptop hardware is hard to upgrade. With a desktop you just pull open the side and switch out or add whatever you want, but with a laptop you have to unscrew 20 screws, remove the keyboard and screen before you get down to the motherboard. Pain in the neck. On top of that most of the hardware like processor and graphics unit are built into the board so you can’t just swap them out like on a desktop.


Building your very own desktop is super fun. Figure out exactly what specs you can get for how much money and being able to get exactly what you want, down to the very last eSata port is just good old fashion fun. Choosing what you want is most of the fun for me. But when you get all the parts in the mail and you get to put them together, I learned more about computers in that hour than ever before. You can’t beat that experience, so don’t mess around with a laptop, get a desktop.

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